Saturday, September 1, 2012


Great Scott! I've forgotten about this place! Forgive me, guys. .~.
But, I suppose the hiatus is for the better, because I've been real busy. But now... prepare yourselves...
I have time to play Creatures again! This time around, however, I'll be posting all of my games, though I may not include images. That was the bit that always killed me.
Yes, you can now expect more posts from me about all of my games! However, I'll be posting literally whenever I like. xD

So, let's get to the Creatures!

Mun and Timothy have become quite good friends. They go everywhere now, and are, as creepy as it is, making almost the exact same movements as each other. (Honestly, at first I thought they were the same Norn and things were glitching.)

Odin and a large group of the Norns have been vacationing on the Island. However, I don't think they know how to get off of it! Luckily there are enough mushrooms, coconuts, and carrots for everyone.

Meanwhile, a new Norn has come to Albia! Kamkachi is a Forest/Pixie Norn mix, and is very nervous.

Not much has been happening in Albia. Most of the Norns have just been relaxing. Therefore, there's not much to say this time! So, I guess that signals the end of this entry!

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