Saturday, September 1, 2012


Great Scott! I've forgotten about this place! Forgive me, guys. .~.
But, I suppose the hiatus is for the better, because I've been real busy. But now... prepare yourselves...
I have time to play Creatures again! This time around, however, I'll be posting all of my games, though I may not include images. That was the bit that always killed me.
Yes, you can now expect more posts from me about all of my games! However, I'll be posting literally whenever I like. xD

So, let's get to the Creatures!

Mun and Timothy have become quite good friends. They go everywhere now, and are, as creepy as it is, making almost the exact same movements as each other. (Honestly, at first I thought they were the same Norn and things were glitching.)

Odin and a large group of the Norns have been vacationing on the Island. However, I don't think they know how to get off of it! Luckily there are enough mushrooms, coconuts, and carrots for everyone.

Meanwhile, a new Norn has come to Albia! Kamkachi is a Forest/Pixie Norn mix, and is very nervous.

Not much has been happening in Albia. Most of the Norns have just been relaxing. Therefore, there's not much to say this time! So, I guess that signals the end of this entry!

Friday, January 20, 2012

An Introduction

Welcome to Lost and Found! This is a blog devoted to C1, the most marvelous of all the Creatures games. It focuses on the action, adventure, sicknesses, and the drama my Norns go through.
Because my world is a little old, I would like to introduce you to my twelve Norns.

This is Mun. She was my first C1 Norn in this world. She is a White Haired Pixie, and a very happy girl. Though she's getting quite old (has the genetic where she can not die of old age) she acts like a youthful Norn. She loves honey, and every time she gets a hold of a yellow pot she poses, and she'll wait for me to take a picture until she moves again!

Nancy, the Norn of purple-ness. She was my second female Norn, a companion to Mun. She came as a pre-made Norn available with the game for importing. She seems to have a sweet gene, because almost every second generation Norn is hers! She loves company, and it was very hard to take this one picture of her just because she loves to be in the middle of a group of boys.

This is Timothy, the first male Norn to have arrived in my world. He was meant as a companion/mate for Mun and Nancy. He is a bit of a loner, and I was afraid for a while that he wouldn't have any children. He got over that quickly.

Here's Stevie! He is a cute Banana Norn, and was the second male in Albia. He, sadly, has One-Hour Stupidity Syndrome. Except, his started a bit early. He wasn't always good at caring for himself, and when he discovered female Norns, he forgot himself entirely. He often has to be carried off to the garden to escape his extended vacations on the food-reduced Desert Island. He has many children, though!

This little cutie is Marra. She has a very low life force, even from the moment she hatched. I have to watch her and her children (they inherited her gene for short living) constantly. Luckily I've got some XTC on hand, though, as stated by the COBbler, it can get very addictive. She loves exploring, especially with her friend Myra (name similarities not intended).

This beauty is Caera. She was one of the first 2nd-gen Norns born. Her parents are Nancy and Timothy. Her father's genes must have been the dominant ones! She is a very sweet little Norn who will do whatever I ask her. She loves the lifts, and can spend a lot of time in them (sometimes too much).

This is Callie. Her parents, Stevie and Nancy, seem to have forgotten her. She hides, all day long, under the temple in the garden. Luckily I installed a few food COBs for her, but she, like her father, got OHSS and has trouble caring for herself.

Hail Myra! (Congratulations if you understand my reference, there.) This Norn, Myra, is a purebred White Haired Pixie - her parents are Mun and Timothy. She is very adventurous, but she likes to explore with friends. Her best friend, Marra, depends on her for help because of the Banana Norn's life force.

Run, Forrest, run! (Now it's an easier-to-identify reference.) This is Forrest, who does like to run. I named him Forrest not because of his Forest Norn features, but because he hatched and immediately latched on to a Bonsai Tree. He does love to run, and like all of Stevie's children, he has OHSS. His case, though, is milder.

This is Sammy. He, like his father, Stevie, is plagued with OHSS. He is very nervous, and is also quite the scaredy-cat. The second Odin the Grendel shows up, Sammy's running away. He is a pure Banana Norn, because his mother is Marra.

It's Kamkachi, the Japanese-y Norn! I was stuck for a name, and I felt like he was awesome enough to have a Japanese-sounding name, so I made one up. His parents, Nancy and Timothy, are happy because their son is very smart.

This is Leo, the first 3rd-gen Norn in my world! He makes his parents, Marra and Forrest, very proud each and every day. He is a famous musician Norn, and is going on tour soon! (Not really, but he needs a backstory.) He spends all day practicing for his gigs.

 The last, but certainly not least, to be introduced is Odin! He is a Grendel, the first Grendel born in my world. He is very sweet and social, and loves to be around the Norns. He copies them by repeating their speech, and he kisses them a lot. Maybe he wants to be a Norn?

Today's post was only an intro. Next time, I'll have the adventures of my Norns (and Odin)! Until then, who do you want to see in the next post? Which of my Norns is your favorite? Leave a comment to let me know!